Third-Party Fundraiser

Keeping families close to each other and the care they need.

Community fundraisers

A third‐party fundraising event is an activity by a non‐affiliated group or individual, where RMHC Mobile has no fiduciary responsibilities and little or no staff involvement. 

Please review these Third‐Party Fundraising Guidelines. Complete and submit for approval the attached
Fundraising Event Proposal Form and return it to RMHC of Mobile.


Important Notes

How can we help?

• Display promotional materials in House and/or on our social media*
• Borrow RMHC of Mobile Event Banners**
• Advice and suggestions on event planning, as time allows
• With ample prior notification, RMHC will make every effort to have a representative present as requested

*Approval of event marketing materials where the RMHC of Mobile name, logo or images are utilized is not optional.
**Event Banners will be provided depending on availability.

What we cannot provide:

• Assistance in soliciting donations, handling mailings, attending committee meetings, recruiting attendees, and collecting monies.
• RMHC of Mobile’s tax‐exemption number for making any purchases related to your event.
• Access to donor lists or contacts.
• Responsibility of any nature or kind associated directly or indirectly with the event, including, but not limited to, expenses, purchases, insurance or liability coverage.