The Voight Family

Keeping families close to each other and the care they need.

The Voight Family

RMHC Mobile is home for hundreds of families every year whose children are receiving life-saving medical care in an area hospital. Every now and then, there’s also an adoption in the works.

When Brittney and Brad Voight of Baton Rouge, LA got a call at 6:57am on Memorial Day, the last thing they expected to hear was a woman saying she was 41 weeks pregnant, in the hospital, and had decided to give her baby up for adoption.

“We’d had some close calls with adoptions before, so we were cautious,” Brittney said, “but then she called back around noon and let me listen to the heartbeat. We left home the next day and traveled to Alabama. She was born at 9:45pm, 15 hours after we got that first call.”

The Voight’s 18-month-old son Cameron, also adopted, made the journey with them, along with Brittney’s mother, Joy. They found out about RMHC Mobile through their adoption attorney.

Brittney and Joy stayed at RMHC Mobile for 2½ weeks, with Brad and Cameron coming for weekends. Not having to pay for a hotel room, Brittney said, would allow her to take time off work with Natalie once they returned home.

“The easiest part of this whole process was getting here [RMHC Mobile]. It’s been amazing,” she said. “If you can’t be at home, this is where you want to be. Everyone here seems like family. It’s wonderful how much the other families lean on each other. And it’s been great seeing volunteers spending hours in the kitchen cooking dinner and the youth groups working around the house. It’s a place that’s a blessing and inspires you to want to bless others.”

“This place is more than home because of the emotional support,” Joy chimed in. “Seeing the other families and how they support each other, and all the siblings are happy all the time . . . it’s the little things that make it feel so good.”