Help Our House

Keeping families close to each other and the care they need.


Our Volunteers truly help to make Ronald McDonald House and Family Rooms a “home away from home” for every guest, family member and visitor that has ever had any experience with our House.

Their dependability and willingness to contribute their time and care helps to create a safe and welcoming environment where families can stay together when they need it the most. Our volunteers know the House inside and out and approach their volunteerism with full commitment and have the knowledge of what the House really means to everyone involved. Fill out the Volunteer Form to be contacted about our volunteer opportunities!

How Can I Help?

In-House Volunteer

  • Assists staff with light office work
  • Clean and organize kitchen and common areas
  • Organize pop tab and recycling area
  • Assists with Family Meals
  • Greet and welcome visitors and families
  • Help with grounds keeping and other gardening activities

In-House volunteers are scheduled with the House Manager. Shifts are available seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. depending on availability. Also, there is an opportunity to volunteer as our receptionist from 4-7 PM every evening.

Ronald McDonald Family Room Program 

Ronald McDonald Family Rooms are an extension of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mobile; a bit of home within the walls of USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Volunteer at the Family Rooms located on the third and fourth floors of the new hospital tower and will serve as a brief respite for families to use while remaining merely steps away from their child’s bedside. To become a Family Room volunteer please contact the Family Room Coordinator Janice Hatchett at

Taste of Hope (Family Meal Program)

With Taste of Hope, you can help give families moments of togetherness by preparing and serving a meal in Ronald McDonald House of Mobile’s beautiful kitchen. Come together with your coworkers, family, friends, church or civic group while you help provide the nutrition families need to focus on their critically ill child. Please contact Tamara Perry (251-694-6873) for more information or click the link below to schedule a meal.

Aluminum Tab Top Recycling Program

Participate in our pop tab program by collecting pull tabs from aluminum cans and donating to Ronald McDonald House. The program raises approximately $3,000 – $5,000 each year and the proceeds go toward the operating costs of Ronald McDonald House of Mobile.

Wish List Donor

Help our families by donating items from our wish list. Pick up a few items from our list on your next grocery run and simply drop them off at the house! The list varies from week to week depending on the needs of the House; see what’s on this week’s list by visiting our social media pages. Weekly or monthly donations are greatly appreciated.

Red Shoe KREWE

Ronald McDonald House Ambassadors are high school juniors and seniors chosen to represent the House at various special events and fundraisers. Red Shoe KREWE holds the annual Easter celebration, “The Bunny Hop,” and meets monthly. For more information please contact Liz Calci.

Red Shoe Society

The Red Shoe Society is a group of young professionals dedicated to supporting the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mobile. They are committed to creating awareness and raising funds for the House through a variety of social and volunteer activities and striving to create a fun and welcoming environment where emerging community leaders can network and share their philanthropic interests.

Volunteer Spotlight

Eagle Scout Project

“As a person who has recently seen my best friend’s mom and my sister’s best friend go through and beat cancer, I understand the emotional and mental stress that is put on families. I believe that we should do all that we can to help support and improve these families’ lives as they go through these hardships, and I learned from my best friend’s mom how important diet is, especially if you are battling cancer.  That’s why I decided to build vegetable and herb garden beds at Ronald McDonald House, to help bring fresh food from an on-site garden right to the table.  We built two 10ft. long and 4ft. wide cypress beds and filled them with lettuce, collards and radishes. We coated the beds with an eco-friendly sealant to ensure that these beds would be there in fifty years and to ensure that nothing toxic could leach into the plants. The installment of the beds was the most challenging aspect of the project.  Our scouts removed the heavy clay and replaced it with rich soil, while making sure that every corner and side were level and the correct length. Our final day consisted of the Scouts coming out and assisting in planting the plants and seeds. Altogether, the project taught me so many life lessons in leadership and craftsmanship, and in the process, I hope it will provide the residents at Ronald McDonald House fresh vegetables for years to come – maybe some of them will even enjoy tending to the gardens themselves. Thank you again for the opportunity to do this project!” – William Rossler

Volunteer Form

To request more information about volunteering, please fill out the form below.